Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 255: King Kong

Hopping in the wayback machine here to get me to this classic I first remember seeing on a tv in my grandmother's bedroom while adults were having a party outside.

King Kong has been remade so many times but nothing ever quite captures the magic trick the original pulls off. I'll explain in a minute but first...the plot of the movie. A PT Barnum style showman (Denham) travels with a crew of adventurers to the far off Skull Island to shoot an adventure film. Denham has hired Ann Darrow to be his female lead. As soon as they get to the island, she is abducted by locals and offered to their god, Kong. Once he has her, the crew of the ship must fight their way across an island filled with dinosaurs to rescue her. Getting her back and capturing Kong is only the start of their problems once they get him to New York.

There is a lot of wonderment and anxiety when it comes to King Kong. The giant door on Skull Island could have literally anything behind it. The battles with giant snakes and dinosaurs are super fun to watch as a kid especially. Watching as an adult, there is this magic moment towards the end where you realize your sympathy has shifted completely from the human victims to Kong himself. It happens super close to the end and you might not even realize it. It still amazes me.

Great movie, not that scary. Well worth seeing.

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