Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 254: Mockingbird

Mockingbird was found through Ain't It Cool News or Blumhouse but, little did I know at the time, it was the follow-up movie from the man who made The Strangers.

Mockingbird is a found footage movie about three sets of people who receive a free video camera on their doorstep. One is a family, one is a college girl who just went through a break up and one is an unemployed loser who is instructed to dress like a clown. In fact, they all start receiving instructions for what they should do with dire threats if they should deviate from the instructions. Of course, the instructions get more and more dangerous as they go.

The Strangers is one of my least favorite modern horror movies. It is dripping with nihilism in a way only House of 1000 Corpses had done previously. Bad things are going to happen and you are just going to sit there and take it. This movie has that same streak at the center. Everyone lines up to just be inevitable victims of the (mostly) unseen forces that are manipulating them. The college girl is the only one with the right idea, she curls into a ball and cries for most of the movie. The villains have to pretty much force her to continue playing their games.

Some of the visuals (like the house choked with balloons) are cool but the rotten nature of the story taints the whole experience for me. If you aren't miles ahead of the plot of this one, you may be new to movies in general. I can't recommend this one.

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