Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 256: The Faculty

Another Robert Rodriguez movie, this is one I saw when I worked in the video store.

The Faculty is about a high school in Ohio being overrun by alien invaders who take over people's bodies. Very much like invasion of the body snatchers except that it is kids trying to raise the alarm against the adults and getting shot down by every other authority figure. There is the jock, the newspaper geek, the head cheerleader, the new girl, the bad boy and every other stereotype you can think of. The adults act strangely, some kids see too much and then the hunt for the kids is on.

I remember when I saw this how risky the message of the movie was. The secret weapon that they use to fight the aliens is Josh Hartnett's homemade drug concoction that he sells at school. There is a scene where everyone has to get high to prove they aren't an alien. The seemingly pro-drug message was just very strange in the 1990s. Elijah Wood does a solid job as does Clea Duval (remember her?). Rodriguez slips Selma Hayek into the flick and Jon Stewart even has a cameo.

Although I haven't seen this since the 90s, I remember it being a fun movie. Nothing special just a solid sci-fi thriller that was aimed at teens. I wonder how it plays now?

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