Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 219: Creepshow

Two anthologies in a row. Of all the horror anthologies I have seen, I have watched Creepshow the most. A collaboration between Stephen King and George Romero, it was meant to mimic the beats of an old EC horror comic like Tales From the Crypt.

There are five proper stories in this movie.

1) Father's Day- This is about a horrible family who had the patriarch killed some years earlier. Now, they gather to celebrate. Unfortunately, the Father is back and looking for his Father's Day cake he never got.

2) The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill- Stephen King himself plays a yokel who comes into contact with a fallen meteor. Bad things happen as a result.

3) Something to Tide You Over- Ted Danson is a tennis pro having an affair with a married woman. When he goes to meet her one day, he instead finds her husband, Leslie Nielson, who has created a deathtrap for them both.

4) The Crate- A couple of college employees (including Hal Holbrook) discover an old crate under some stairs at their university. Upon opening it, they find a horrible discovery.

5) They're Creeping Up On You- A rich man has designed his apartment to be state of the art and clean. When a blackout threatens to drop his defenses, the man's fear of roaches becomes overpowering. Very gross things happen.

This was always a fun movie that captured the feel of those old comics perfectly. If you want a fun anthology, check it out.

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