Thursday, June 8, 2017

Day 220: The Canal

The Canal is sort of an Irish Shining and I saw it on Netflix.

David is a film archivist who believes his wife is having an affair. One night, he follows her by the canal that runs past their house and sees her having sex with one of her clients from work. He chickens out before hurting her and runs into a purportedly haunted bathroom to be sick. There, he sees a ghostly figure murder his wife. On top of all this, he has reason to believe his house is haunted or at least tied into a string of killings that happened at the turn of the century. As the police investigate his wife's disappearance, David investigates the house itself. Things go badly.

This was a cool little mystery/horror that keeps bouncing you between believing there are evil spirits at work and David just going insane. Did he have anything to do with his wife's disappearance? Is there a ghost stalking his son and the nanny? Will David ever find proof of the haunting? The fun is in finding out all these answers.

I believe this was named the number one horror movie of 2015 by Ain't It Cool News and it is certainly strong. I would recommend it, for sure.

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