Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 218: Tales From the Crypt, The Movie

Well before the TV series, Ralph Richardson played the Crypt Keeper in this 1970s adaptation of the horror-comic anthology. A group of tourists in a crypt get separated from the main group and run into the Keeper, who proceeds to tell them all how they will die.

There are five stories in the movie.

1) ...And All Through the House. This was also famously adapted in one of the first Tales from the Crypt TV shows. Joan Collins plays a woman who murders her husband on Christmas Eve only to find out there is an escaped maniac dressed like Santa to deal with.

2) Reflection of Death. When a man leaves his wife and kids for his mistress, he almost immediately gets into a terrible car accident. The aftermath of the accident is what makes up most of this story.

3) Poetic Justice- Peter Cushing has to deal with a pair of shitty neighbors who resent his giving, caring lifestyle. The neighbors get his beloved pets taken away and get him accused of child molestation but things don't get really bad until Valentine's Day.

4) Wish You Were Here. This one is darkly comedic as a woman gains the ability to get three wishes granted. Unfortunately, her husband pays the price for all of them.

5) Blind Alleys- After much abuse at a home for blind men, the boarders take it upon themselves to get revenge on the owner. Some Saw type stuff goes down.

There is even a twist to the frame story but you will have guessed it far before you need to. This is a pretty solid horror anthology and the relative cheapness of the production value gives everything a grimy, authentic feel. Collins and Cushing are the standouts here but you will recognize a bunch of these Brit actors. I would give this a B.

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