Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 217: Hitcher

C. Thomas Howell will always be the racist star of Soul Man to me. But, in second place, he is the put upon star of the Hitcher.

The Hitcher is about C Thomas Howell picking up Rutger Hauer, who subsequently tries to kill Howell and fails. After this confrontation, Hauer sets about stalking and framing Howell for his crimes. Jennifer Jason Leigh is a young woman trying to help Howell clear his name.

This movie reminds me most of Road Games that I reviewed not too long ago. Hauer is great as the stone cold killer who keeps getting Howell deeper and deeper into trouble with the law. Unlike Road Games, the framing action is really clear and dread-inducing. Along with Howell, you get the feeling that nothing will ever be right again.

If you enjoy a good cat and mouse thriller that isn't afraid to get messy, you should check out the Hitcher. Warning: there is a barfing scene...not a fan of those myself so I feel the need to warn others.

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