Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 206: What Lies Beneath

This is a latter-day HBO find for me. I think my parents saw it before me and I watched it soon afterwards having seen some of it with them.

The tricky thing about this movie is how much to give away. I enjoy stories where they take a sharp turn in the middle so I will try to keep this on the spoiler free side of things. Michelle Pfeiffer is Claire Spencer and the action starts when a new couple moves in next door to her and her husband Norman (Harrison Ford). The wife is in an abusive relationship and confides to Claire that she fears for her life. Before long, the wife vanishes and Claire suspects the husband of murder. To make matters worse, she begins experiencing strange things around her house, leading her to believe she is being haunted by her neighbor's ghost. Where her investigation leads her might surprise you.

I was pleased to see this was written by Clark Gregg (a favorite actor of mine). Robert Zemeckis directed this with fewer digital effects than you would think considering his work in that field. Ford and Pfeiffer handle the material very well. James Remar as the neighbor husband is just the right kind of creepy. All in all, this is a pretty fun little movie. It doesn't reinvent the wheel or anything but it is a nice creepshow.

I would give this a solid B.

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