Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 205: We Are What We Are

I kind of stumbled across this little gem digging through Netflix. It is a slow burn but man, that ending...

We Are What We Are follows the Parker family after the matriarch dies under strange circumstances on a grocery run. Frank, the father, is fasting in advance of a holy day and his daughters, Rose and Iris, try their best to make up for their mother's absence. The girls help take care of their little brother, deal with inquiries from the local police and help their father in his preparations. The less known about this movie, the better it is. I knew it had something vaguely to do with cannibalism but I had no idea what I was in for otherwise.

Jim Mickle directs this with an eye towards performances, letting the actors have their space. He never gets showy or bold, but tells the story in a straightforward way. Once all the secrets in the family have been revealed, things get messy but never over the top. The already-missed Michael Parks has a role as a medical examiner whose daughter went missing years ago. He carries around his sadness as he discovers why Mrs. Parker died at the beginning.

This is a great indie horror movie. I would give it a B+ and recommend it to people who like good character work.

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