Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 204: Holidays

Another anthology horror movie based around a loose theme, in this case, holidays. I caught this on Netflix and you probably can, too.

There are 8 stories in this of differing quality. Valentine's Day is about a bullied little girl who has a crush on her gym teacher. Things go wrong. St. Patrick's Day is about a teacher who wants children seemingly being granted her wish by a strange little girl in her class who never smiles. Things go wrong. Easter is about a kid whose mother tries to explain what the Easter Bunny has to do with Jesus and Easter, resulting in a visit from a hybrid creature that is funny and terrifying. Mother's Day is about a woman so fertile that others have nefarious plans for her overactive womb. Father's Day was my favorite of the bunch in that the mood is perfect even if the pacing is slow. A girl whose father disappeared when she was young gets an audio tape with instructions from her father on how to find him. Things go wrong. Halloween is Kevin Smith's entry about an online webcam sex show whose owner is a violent abuser of the girls he employs. When the girls decide the turn the tables, things go wrong. Christmas is about Seth Green taking advantage of a dying old man to get the last pair of virtual reality headsets for his kid. The headset seems to show you your darkest fantasy as well as record whatever you do based on them. The final story is New Year's Eve and it was a fun little nugget as a serial murderer goes on a blind date with a girl who has a dark secret of her own. Things go wrong.

Not constrained by rules like found footage or having to be three to five minutes, this anthology fares a little better than other recent ones. The stories are dark but well shot and acted. The biggest weak link is Kevin Smith here, unfortunately. I find it super creepy he casts his own daughter as a sex show worker. Her acting is also not the best. If anything, this reminded me of something like Creepshow, where it could be light-hearted one minute and cold-blooded the next.

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