Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 112: The Revenge of Frankenstein

This is the follow up to The Curse of Frankenstein that I wrote about not long ago. Cushing reprises his role and the movie picks up exactly where the first left off. In fact, the first ten minutes are so similar to the original, I thought I was watching the original on accident.

In this movie, Frankenstein has foiled his death sentence by having the useless priest who heard his confession in the first movie decapitated in his place. He is then free to move to a new town and begin work as Dr. Stein. When a young doctor recognizes him and asks to work with him, it isn't long until Frankenstein is back to his old tricks. This time, he puts the normal brain of a deformed man into a "perfect" body. Of course, the new body almost immediately gets into a fight with a surly janitor and the brain gets damaged. From that point on, the new monster wants to eat human flesh because something something.

Maybe it was switching back and forth between new movies and classics but this one bored me to tears. Without Christopher Lee as the monster and with the new monster really only wilding out a little, this was mostly about how Frankenstein helps poor people in exchange for their limbs. The last ten minutes or so are filled with incident but, by that time, the snooze has set in. Here's hoping the third one finds a better pace.

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