Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 113: The Hallow

This movie has been in my Netflix queue for a hot minute so I finally broke down and watched it. I believe it was recommended by some website but I'm not sure which.

The story takes place over about two days in the life of a British family who moved to Ireland so that the husband can help mark up a forest for demolition...or something. He also seems to be a scientist. So I am unclear on exactly what his job is but it includes marking trees to be cut down. He and his wife have a newborn and have not been in their new house long. A neighbor keeps trying to warn them about the fairie folk who live in the woods and steal children, but our heroes are skeptical. There is a weird side plot about an aggressive fungus that takes over your mind that is somehow tied into the creatures that live in the forest. Before long, the family is under siege during one long night and are trying to fend off magical beasts with iron and fire.

This movie could have used a couple of rewrites but it is perfectly fine. The acting is solid and the effects are convincing. There is a lot of eyeball threatening, more than I like to see. The rules of the Hallows are never quite made clear and the husband takes way too long to accept weird things are going on (after the claw marks show up on the car, it is safe to say this isn't your jerky neighbor). The geographical layout of the woods and their house is also hard to figure out at times. Some of the effects reminded me of Splinter and Evil Dead but this movie is nowhere near as fun.

I would give this a C or C-. No need to see it unless you like child endangerment stories.

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