Sunday, December 25, 2016

Day 51: Event Horizon

This movie is where I first become aware of Paul Thomas Anderson's evil doppelganger, Paul WS Anderson. This Paul Anderson is responsible for science fiction and horror fare devoid of the artistic flourishes of PTA. Paul WS made this surprisingly durable sci-fi horror that I still find people wanting to talk about. At the time, I dismissed it as a blip on the otherwise undistinguished career of Jack Noseworthy (see various Bon Jovi videos). Now I see that it has something going for it, however shaggy.

Sam Neil stars as the man who helped create the Event Horizon space ship that went missing ten years ago. It suddenly pops back out in our solar system and Laurence Fishburn is heading up a team to find out where it went and why it returned. Well, long story short, it went to hell and it brought hell back with it. The original crew is gone but the idea of the haunted spaceship works well. Unlike a house, making a spaceship haunted comes with a list of potential hazards that mostly involve explosive decompression or being sucked into space. One by one, the crew either goes mad or falls victims to the demonic spirit inside the ship. There are some early CGI visuals that are hard to forget and the caliber of performance is uniformly top notch for such genre fare. Not a good movie by any stretch but certainly entertaining.

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