Sunday, December 25, 2016

Day 52: Tulpas

As part of my series on investigating different types of monsters, I had to throw Tulpas in as they are singular and fascinating. A tulpa is a mystic thoughtform or, in other words, a thing brought to life through sheer power of the mind. I first encountered this type of creature in a Batman story back in the late 80s (a team up with the Demon) and most recently figured that the monster in a movie I was watching is technically a tulpa in that the protagonist created it from her own mind.

The scary thing about tulpas is that they can be whatever nightmarish thing you can imagine. A nine foot cockroach with the face of Alan Thicke? That can happen. A tiny worm with razor sharp teeth, that could be a tulpa, too. It is your nightmare brought into reality. Technically, Freddy Krueger is a tulpa although one who suggests himself to his sleeping victims. There really are no rules in dealing with tulpas and, as long as the thinker lives, the tulpa can haunt them into the grave. Try not to think too hard about any of this.

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