Sunday, December 25, 2016

Day 50: Wolfcop

Alright, back on track with my list. We go to some truly ridiculous places with the next entry, Wolfcop. It plays very much like a horror origin story of a superhero. A pretty lousy cop stumbles into a satanic ritual that leaves him transformed into a werewolf. He then fights crime and the supernatural using his newfound abilities.

There is lots of shenanigans with corrupt politicians and gangsters that all plays out like a regular cop movie except for the veneer of the occult that has been slapped on. The wolfcop ends up teamed up with a local gun store owner and the two of them have some pretty great comedic chemistry as they pursue the bad guys together. Like a slightly less zany Kung Fury, this is a movie all about cheap thrills and cheap laughs. Although, trigger warning, there may be an exploding cock in this movie. Not scary in the slightest but a fun watch, for sure.

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