Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Day 365: The Invitation

This was a Netflix watch and was recommended to me by a friend, I forget which one.

The Invitation was a movie I didn't know a lot about going in and I am glad. In a nutshell, I would say the less you know about this, the better. But it is worth watching, for sure. If you want a little more info, keep reading. The main character of The Invitation is Will, who we see driving with his girlfriend to a party being hosted by Will's ex-wife and her new husband. Will and his ex lost their son and drifted apart in their grief. Eden and David are the hosts of the party (in the very house where Will used to live with Eden and their son). Will is immediately on edge and wondering why there are bars on the windows. When David locks the front door behind his guests, Will balks and makes him leave the key. It soon comes out that Eden and David are part of a cult/support group called The Invitation. They have invited a couple of their fellow members to this party and the whole dynamic starts feeling like a recruitment pitch for their group. I won't go any further into the plot but I enjoyed the way it unfolds.

This movie really pulls off a neat trick that I can't go into without spoilers. I will say, Will's paranoia becomes pretty fascinating to watch in between flashbacks to his life with Eden and their son. The group of actors playing Will's friends are uniformly good and make their friendships feel lived in. John Carroll Lynch from The Drew Carey Show does a bang up job as one of the Invitation members who makes everyone else feel uncomfortable. I enjoyed the journey in this one and I am glad it was my last review.

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