Monday, October 30, 2017

Day 364: Count Yorga, Vampire

I rented this off of Amazon and it is from my Essential Horror book.

Count Yorga, Vampire (aka The Loves of Count Yorga) is pretty much a retelling of Dracula in (then) modern day Los Angeles. There is no Harker part but it starts with Yorga being shipped in his coffin to his new estate. Some time after, he is at a seance with the daughter of a woman who died while dating him. He promises to get Donna, the daughter, in touch with her mother. Donna flips out at the seance and Yorga soon puts her mind at ease with some hypnosis. Leaving the party, Yorga gets a ride home from a couple named Paul and Erika. Erika is kind of taken with Yorga. When the couple get stuck in the mud on the way home, Yorga attacks them and drains some of Erika's blood. Things keep getting worse for the couple as well as Donna and her own boyfriend as Yorga creeps into their lives.

The one aspect of this I enjoyed was how quickly a local doctor jumps to the conclusion of Yorga being a vampire. He is the Van Helsing character but sort of incompetent. Yorga makes a big deal out of being smarter than most humans since he has been alive for so long and, with enemies like these, he really didn't need to be that smart to begin with. The protagonists sort of bumble around with broken wooden chair legs and broom handles, looking to stab someone in the heart. There is a lot of implied sexuality in this one (a rape and a lesbian seduction scene are hinted at) but not much in the way of overt eroticism. This is pretty run of the mill vampire lore, watch if you are a completist.

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