Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 252: Mill of the Stone Women

Another from my essential horror book, and very similar to Eyes without a Face in certain ways.

Mill of the Stone Women is about an art professor who runs a windmill/waxwork display. When a visiting scholar gets access to the mill, he discovers the professor has a beguiling daughter, whom he promptly porks. The problem is that the scholar is really in love with his childhood friend and the daughter (Elfie) is pretty possessive. Elfie also has a disorder where one shock to her system can kill her. The scholar's rejection proves to be just such a shock and then the real weirdness starts.

Firstly, don't read any plot summaries if you want to watch this movie. They give away information that isn't revealed until well past the halfway point of the movie. Secondly, the first half plays out like a Poe story. The scholar, overcome with grief at having killed Elfie, starts seeing things and hearing Elfie play piano like she did when she was alive. He sees her in her crypt but also sees buried with her a piece of jewelry he swore was in a workroom at the mill. The whole second act plays out like a nightmare.

I won't give away the third act, but it is a lot like the main plot of Eyes without a Face. Some dads would do anything for their daughters, apparently. This can be frustratingly slow at times but worth it in the long run. Plus, waxworks are always creepy.

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