Sunday, July 9, 2017

Day 251: Eyes Without a Face

Back to my big book of essential horror, this leads me to a Criterion collection movie on Amazon streaming.

Eyes without a Face is about a scientist whose daughter loses her whole face in a car accident. Luckily(?) for her he is working on transplanting tissues from other people. Of course, no one is volunteering to get their face removed, so he sends his female lab assistant to entice and capture girls who may fit his daughter's face. The centerpiece of the movie is a sequence where one poor girl gets her face cut off (and we have to see pretty much the whole procedure). Of course, the grafts aren't taking and the police are closing in. Watch the movie to see if the mad scientist succeeds in restoring his daughter.

What feels like a b-movie for the first half hour becomes pretty gripping and involved after we see the facial surgery. The constant barking of the kennel full of experimental dogs is unnerving as is the plastic face mask worn by the daughter. While the pacing is sometimes laborious, the whole thing is moving towards an inevitable conclusion. I just wish the lab assistant wasn't followed around by Curb Your Enthusiasm music, it undercuts the horror of her actions.

With this one, I officially enter the 1960s in my essential horror watching. If you get a chance to see this, you should.

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