Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 238: Bubba Ho-Tep

This horror comedy is as much a love letter to Elvis as it is a tale of a mummy attacking a nursing home. This is one of those I heard about for awhile before I got to see it.

Set in an East Texas nursing home, Bubba Ho Tep follows Elvis Presley and his sidekick, JFK, as they battle a cowboy mummy. A lot of the movie is taken up getting our pieces in place as we learn how Elvis came to be still alive in a nursing home, how JFK is now an elderly black man and how an ancient Egyptian mummy came to terrorize Texas. All of this silliness is fun on its own before the mummy starts eating the souls of the old folks who live with Elvis and JFK.

Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis have a lot of fun with their geriatric horror hero roles here. Neither is very mobile and they sell just how frustrating it is to be stuck in a slowed down body. The goofiness of the premise doesn't prevent some real moments of pathos to shine through. It won't warm your heart but it will entertain you for an evening. Warning: there are some gross jokes about a growth on Elvis' dick.

By no means on par with Evil Dead but worth a watch for the novelty alone.

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