Saturday, June 3, 2017

Day 215: Three...Extremes

Apparently, this was a follow-up to a different anthology movie called Three. This time, though, they picked bigger name Asian directors.

This is a disturbing little anthology made by three of Asian Horror's best directors. First is Fruit Chan with Dumplings. An aging actress goes to a mysterious woman who claims to be ancient in order to gain some of her famous dumplings that will restore your youth and vitality. The secret as to what is in the dumplings is disgusting and the sound effects alone may turn your stomach. This was later expanded into a full movie, somehow. It is, however, my favorite of the three.

Park Chan-wook, who made the awesome vampire movie Thirst, did a gory little slice called Cut. A director is captured by a deranged extra who wants the director to strangle a stranger or else have his wife's fingers chopped off one by one. The conclusion is pure dark comedy and the editing makes the whole segment very surreal.

Finally, Takashi Miike (of Audition, Over Your Dead Body, etc fame) tells the story of a woman who grew up as a twin and was always competing with her sibling for the approval of their mentor. Things went very wrong one day when they were young and the surviving sibling must face the repercussions years later. This one almost feels like a dream with the way the scenes connect (or don't) and the narrative is a tangle of flashbacks, daydreams and fantasies.

If you like Asian Horror, you might want to check this out. It is entertaining as a curio if nothing else. Just be ready for some gore.

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