Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 214: The Gate

This one is a blast from HBO past. I watched this as a kid probably more than I should have. Beware those rock n roll albums!

The Gate is about two childhood friends who (Glen, played by Stephen Dorff and Terry, some guy) unearth a strange rock in their backyard and accidentally bleed on it. Terry figures out, too late, that they have unearthed a portal to a dark dimension. When the dead family dog is thrown into the hole in the backyard, the dark powers take it as a sacrifice and decide to invade our world. I remember the kids having to read incantations from heavy metal albums to try and stop the evil. I remember little demon things that could multiply if split in half. And I remember a scene where Glen grows an eyeball out of his palm and has to stab it out with a shard of glass...ouch.

I recall the visuals freaking me out. The effects have probably aged poorly but they were cutting edge at the time. I also recall a sense of doom and hopelessness pervading the movie, like there was no way to beat back the evil. I honestly can't recall how the movie ends but it seems like it has a positive conclusion.

I have no idea how this movie would play to adults but I assume it would not be nearly as enthralling as it was to 11 year old Josh. If you want some nostalgia, maybe check this out? Otherwise, probably best left as a relic of the 80s.

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