Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Day 212: Land of the Dead

This should finish up my reviews of all 6 of George Romero's Dead movies. Of all of them, this is the one I recall the least about.

I remember hearing about this movie coming out forever. It was originally going to be called Dead Reckoning and that name still gets used in the movie. I couldn't wait to see if it lived up to the hype of being the first new Dead movie in 20 years. The story is that Dennis Hopper has created a safe zone from zombies in Pittsburgh called Fiddler's Green. The rich stay up in a high rise while the poor scrounge for food and supplies at ground level. Simon Baker plays a guy named Riley who created and drives a versatile tank known as Dead Reckoning. Riley keeps getting caught up in the politics of the Green and has to face, not only his old second in command (John Leguizamo), but also Hopper as the poor and the rich begin to clash. Most of the movie is in-fighting between humans as the zombies start showing more intelligence. Eventually, the zombies get in the mix and all hell breaks loose.

Of what I can recall of this film, it is the best looking of any of Romero's zombie movies. The actual cast of actors, too, is something to be noted. Usually, Romero just has unknowns. As such, this is the slickest of the movies and it teases us with the idea of smart zombies (which never really got followed up on in the next two movies). Mostly, it feels like a Mad Max style action movie with some zombie elements. I don't remember being scared or disgusted by any of the effects. I would say this is the odd movie out in a lot of ways from the others. At least it still has glaringly obvious metaphors about class warfare.

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