Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 211: Vampire's Kiss

A friend of mine talked me into seeing this a few years ago on the rumor that Nicholas Cage gives a bugnuts insane performance. He was right.

Vampire's Kiss is all about Peter Loew, a literary agent who finds a bat in his bedroom one night and comes to believe he is being visited by a hot, female vampire. He proceeds to buy a pair of novelty fangs and live what he believes the vampire lifestyle should be. Things go very wrong.

Cage is pretty much the whole show here and he is phenomenal. His acting is way over the top even before he gets "bitten" by the vampire. This is the movie with the infamous alphabet scene as well as the cockroach eating scene. Cage really gives it his all and is hypnotically weird.

I'm not sure the movie ever gets to full-blown scary. It is very sad to watch this man's declining mental state. The commentary on the shallow lifestyles of the 1980s is just as sharp as American Psycho here. In fact, if you liked that movie's blend of horror and black comedy, you will probably like this.

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