Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 208: Road Games

This is one I watched with some friends of mine last October. I was surprised I had never heard of it. It might be hard to track down if you are interested.

Road Games is about Stacey Keach as a long haul trucker taking loads of meat across the Australian outback. He has his pet dog and he likes to make up little back stories for the families he passes on the road. One day, he runs afoul of a serial killer who decides to play a little game with Keach that takes them all over Australia. Jamie Lee Curtis is a hitchhiker who gets caught up in these road games and tries to help Keach out of his predicament.

The movie is very well done for a "trucker being messed with" movie. Keach plays it very charming and not as intense as he can be. Curtis is lovable as always. The one thing that struck me weird was how there are only about a dozen people in the outback and they end up everywhere Keach is. The coincidence seems to be a bit too much at times but it doesn't completely shatter the suspension of disbelief.

This is a fun little movie from the 70s that I would recommend. It won't change your life or the way you see horror movies but it is a fun ride while it lasts.

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