Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 199: The Conspiracy

Almost lost in the deluge of actual conspiracy theory documentaries that were popping up on Netflix at the time, this found footage horror movie turned out to be worth a watch.

Jim and Aaron are two documentary producers who decide to focus their newest project on a local conspiracy theorist named Terrance. Aaron starts getting sucked into Terrance's beliefs while Terrance becomes more and more paranoid that someone is following him. Eventually, Terrance vanishes and the guys are left with his mountain of newspaper clippings to work with. All signs point to a mysterious organization that may perform pagan rituals. Things get rough from there.

The real world phenomenon of Bohemian Grove and the meetings between the elite that take place there is scary enough. Now imagine infiltrating one of those meetings and seeing things only a select few are ever meant to see. It is the final act of this movie that stuck with me and, unlike the Last Exorcist, it works exceedingly well in landing the ending. I really enjoyed the immediacy of the found footage. While it takes a while to get to the payoff, I think it is worth it.

If you like conspiracy theories about the illuminati or other clandestine organizations, this movie gives you a safe way to explore some of the darker theories behind them. Well acted and well made, I would give it a B.

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