Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Day 198: Frozen (not that one)

Adam Green has done some fun schlock horror by directing Hatchet. When I saw he had another horror movie out, I jumped to check it out on Netflix and was glad I did.

Frozen is one of those movies I enjoy showing horror fans. With only three people really in the cast, it is one of the most purely economical thrillers I have ever seen. Three friends (a couple and their tag along single friend) decide to go skiing right before a long weekend shuts down the ski lodge. They take the last possible lift out and, due to some personnel issues at the ski lift, they are forgotten. The lift stops halfway up the mountain and the lodge workers go home for the long weekend. This leaves our heroes dangling sixty feet in the air with no shelter from the rapidly dropping temperature or the approaching snow storms. Talk about your nightmare scenarios. To make matters worse, a pack of hungry wolves roam the slopes, just waiting for one of the trio to jump down.

This movie is very much in the Open Water mode of humans versus nature. Cut off from help and all hope of rescue, what do you do? I'm not going to lie, things get pretty bleak for our heroes but the time spent character building and exploring the dynamic between the three makes the eventual horror all the more realistic. Shawn Ashmore is the most recognizable face in the cast but all three acquit themselves fairly well to what amounts to an impossible situation.

For fans of Open Water or minimalist survival movies like Buried, you should check this out.

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