Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 164: Let Us Prey

Oh, they can't all be classics.

This little Irish production is all about a mysterious man coming into a town where every single person is harboring dark secrets. The stranger seems to know everyone's secret sins and spends the evening driving a police station full of people towards violence and suicide.

The fact that everyone in the police department has some terrible secret, as well as the town doctor, a local teacher and a local student just makes the  whole worldview of the movie look bleak. The identity of the stranger is never really a mystery but his relationship to the protagonist, Pollyanna McIntosh as the one good cop on the force, makes very little sense.

The whole movie is built on contrivance and coincidence. The moments that are meant to be bone-chilling just come off kind of silly. Not that there aren't a few scenes or shots worth watching. This is mostly wallowing in depths of human depravity for "fun."

I wouldn't bother unless you are all out of other things to watch.

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