Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Day 163: The Fog

How does one follow up the smash success of Halloween? When you are John Carpenter, you go with ghosts.

The Fog tells the story of a small town (Antonio Bay) that was founded by robbing and sinking a boat full of lepers who were looking to make a colony nearby. As the anniversary of the town's founding approaches, the ghosts of the murdered lepers come back to take six souls as revenge. Jamie Lee Curtis has a small part as a hitchhiker. Don't get me wrong, she is in a good chunk of the movie, it is just that her part is pretty inconsequential. 

In fact, The Fog is a weird little beast of a movie. Although it all takes place in one town, with a limited cast, it almost feels like two different stories happening at any given time. Adrienne Barbeau has a large role as a radio DJ who figures out what is going on but she is always separated from the main action. Even as she begs her listeners to rescue her son, she is trapped and isolated from the rest of the cast. Hal Holbrook is a priest who discovers the town's shameful secret. He does a fine job as a reluctant hero.

The revenants are a little on the cheesy side, effects wise. The disjointed feeling of the movie robs it of some urgency. However, there are still enough scenes here to keep a viewer interested until the end.

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