Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 141: Wyrmwood- Road of the Dead

This little Australian nugget is a bit on the crazy side but don't let the posters comparing it to Mad Max sway you.

After a meteor falls to earth, a good chunk of the planet becomes instant zombies. The movie is mostly about Barry and his sister, Brooke. Brooke gets captured by a paramilitary group early on and is experimented on by a weirdo named Doc. Barry, meanwhile, has to kill his wife and child when they become infected. From there on, he is on a mission to find his sister. Along the way, he meets the usual ragtag group of survivors. Adventures are had and zombies are killed.

The thing I admired about this movie was the sheer ambition of it. It tries to add several new elements to the zombie mythology by having them breathe flammable air and becoming fast zombies after the sun sets. When Brooke develops the psychic power to control zombies, it all seems like "Sure, why not?" with every crazy thing that has happened in the movie before that.

None of the characters are safe here (as in any good zombie movie). The effects are quite good for a first timer and the action sequences are well-staged. The crazy bits help smooth over that this is, basically, just another entry into the every growing field of zombie horror. I would give this a C+.

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