Monday, March 20, 2017

Day 140: Baskin

The title means "Police Raid" in Turkish but don't think for a second that this is an action movie. I recently watched this a second time despite seeing things I never wanted to see the first time around. Watching it with someone else helps alleviate the creepiness, for sure.

The story follows five Turkish police officers as they finish dinner and get called to a gypsy camp to back up other police who have already arrived and run into trouble. The whole thing starts creepy with one of the cops being sick, toads appearing at random, raw meat being carried in a bucket and filmed in close up and a sense of unease over the entire proceedings. We will flash back to that restaurant several times because it seems to be the last place where things were kind of normal. After hitting something (someone?) on the road, the cops find weird symbols scratched into their vehicle. Not long afterwards, they swerve to avoid something else in the road and crash into a river. After that, things get progressively weirder as they are led to a local police station that has been abandoned since the Ottoman Empire. They attempt to find the original police who called for them and things get horrible.

The imagery in this movie was enough to unsettle me greatly. Not only is there super-graphic violence, questionable sexual content (not in the slightest erotic, mind you) and human oddities on display; the director has populated the dark corners of his haunted building with blair witch bundles of wire and meat, detailed illustrations on the walls of evil creatures doing evil things and short flashes of writhing bodies in tatters and metal. This whole movie is like a Clive Barker wet dream. In terms of horror, this is about as horrific as things get. Like the movie Audition, I've seen things I can't unsee here and, like that movie, I have chosen to watch it twice. That is pretty much my limit for this one.

I can't recommend this except to hardcore gore and depravity fans. There is so much artfully done here that I remain impressed with it as a movie even if I never want to watch a frame of it again. Just, watch at your own risk.

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