Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 118: Frailty

I just read that Bill Paxton, one of my favorite actors, died this weekend. I am postponing my random topic in favor of discussing Paxton's directorial effort, Frailty. This is one latter day classic, in my opinion.

Matthew McConaughey plays a man who has come to a police station to confess the crimes committed by his father, played by Paxton. Through a series of flashbacks we get the story of Paxton's patriarch, who sees demons everywhere and trains his sons to kill them. Of course, the horror of the movie is that these demons might all be in his head and he is killing innocent people. Most of the running time is spent in the flashback section as the boys learn to demon hunt from their father. However, by the end, some intense stuff happens in the frame story that I don't want to give away.

Expertly acted and directed, this movie takes a sideways glance at religious fanaticism. It delves into what it means to be a believer and how actions mean more than words when it comes to belief. The horror stays horrifying (all the murders are done by ax) and the dramatic turmoil of the disbelieving younger brother is well-portrayed.

If you like horror with a little something on its mind (but that doesn't get too preachy about it), check out Frailty.

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