Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day 117: Dark was the Night

This is, finally, the last of the horror movies I watched last weekend. Kevin Durand (who I mainly know as Keamy from Lost) stars in this horror movie with very similar themes to The Hallow. Durand and Lucas Haas are the only two cops in a small town. When a logging operation drives out an ancient creature (like a Wendigo), it begins feeding on pets (including horses) in Durand's town.

The sheriff has to deal with his family being broken apart because of the accidental death of his oldest son, so there is lots of drama in between moments of finding giant hoof prints on the ground and claw marks on the trees. When the creature finally starts killing people we get the showdown inside a locked up church during a blizzard where the entire town has come for safety.

This is a fine little flick. Durand can handle heavier acting than I think he gets credit for. Haas brings some humanity to the whole thing and the rest of the town is populated by various cranks, idiots and assholes. I won't spoil the ending twist but I did have a question running through my mind for the entire movie they finally answer in the last five seconds.

All in all, a solid C+ maybe even B- for the attempts at gravitas. No, no...C+ is the most I can go. Not a bad way to spend a few hours but not essential.

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