Sunday, September 24, 2017

Day 328: Cult

This is a Japanese horror movie that you can watch right now on Youtube. I believe it was recommended by a found footage list I read at Blumhouse.

Cult follows a group of three female reporters/celebrities who have been chosen to take a camera crew and investigate the strange goings on at the Kaneda family home. The ladies all play themselves so I assume they are somewhat famous in Japan. The Kaneda house has been the location for some paranormal activity and a local shaman gets hospitalized fighting with whatever is in the house. They finally recruit a sort of super expert named NEO who gets to the bottom of things and sets the stage for a super natural showdown.

My main objection to this movie is that the title is a spoiler. There is a cult behind everything that is going on in the Kaneda home but you don't find that out until close to the end of the movie. I kept waiting for the cult to show up so it isn't like you can just put the title out of your mind and enjoy. The effects are somewhat on the cheesy side in that they always move to night vision before the real freaky stuff goes down. I can say the creature designs are original and the incidents come frequently enough to keep the film from being boring. There is a slightly stilted nature to the dialogue that goes along with the reality TV format but that was probably intentional.

If you like foreign horror and found footage horror, this is not a bad flick. I would give it a C.

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