Friday, June 30, 2017

Day 242: Friday the 13th, Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan

Besides Part 7, where Jason fights a girl with telekinesis, this is probably the sequel I have seen most often.

The 8th Friday the 13th movie does a little bit of a bait and switch. Most of the action takes place on a cruise ship taking a bunch of partying teens from somewhere near Crystal Lake to New York. 70% of the film is Jason killing these teens on the boat and the chaperones trying to find a non-supernatural perpetrator. Eventually, enough havoc ensues that the boat sinks, leaving a small band of survivors and Jason in New York City. Will anyone from the boat survive? Is young Rennie, who is afraid of water, a victim of some trauma? Who cares? We see a guy's head get punched straight off.

New York never seemed so small. Even though some street toughs and cops get involved in the fun, the focus is still very much Jason versus the kids from the boat he didn't kill the first time. This one has some ridiculous kills in it and is very fun and cheesy the way all these movies are. I wish I could say there were some standout performances but I honestly just remember the would-be rocker girl and the boxer.

It's a little late in the game to be figuring out if you like Friday the 13th movies. If you do like the oddly self-aware cheeseball factor, this movie should satisfy like the others. If you feel these movies are beneath you, nothing in this will change your mind.

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