Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 236: Plus One

This is a sci-fi chiller that I caught thanks to Ain't It Cool News and Netflix.

David has just made a major mistake when going to visit his girlfriend and is hoping to reconcile with her at a big party being thrown that night. Thanks to a mysterious meteor crash, duplicates of every one at the party are appearing, but lagged ten minutes behind the originals. As the dupes disappear and reappear, each time closer in time to the originals, the party becomes a fight for survival against the dupes. Will David make up with Jill before the night is through? Will he or any of his friends survive?

I have to give this movie points for originality. The premise is somewhere between Can't Hardly Wait and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. When it seems like time is looping, things start to go dark quickly but, until then, you have a normal teenagers at a big party story. By the end, the action gets pretty intense and not all the storylines turn out with happy endings.

This is a fun little movie that won't blow your mind but will entertain you. Enjoy!

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