Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 233: The Collection

Again, out of order with these reviews but that's the way the God of Random decrees.

The Collector movies have tricked me into watching them twice with premises I can't say no to. For the first movie it was a Master Thief gets stuck in a house with a Serial Killer and the two go after each other. I was not a fan of the first one. The second one is all about A Team of Highly Trained Mercenaries invading the lair of a Serial Killer. How can I say "no" to that?

This movie starts with a blood bath on a dance floor as an illicit rave has been booby trapped by the Collector (the killer of the series). After murdering all but one teenager, he captures the survivor and puts her in his collection. Her parents aren't having any of this so when the master thief from the first movie escapes the collection, they hire him to lead a team back into the Collector's base to free their daughter. Of course, the Collector's home base is filled with deadly ensues.

And this actually was a better movie than the first one. The house of horrors idea is not played out yet. Also, the tables get turned on the Collector repeatedly, making this not so much a one-sided horror stories like most modern movies portray. There is even a kind of spooky, satisfying ending to the whole thing even after you think the movie should be over.

Is this a good movie? No, not really. It is entertaining for a couple of hours but doesn't add anything new to the genre. It does live up to its premise, which is rare.

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