Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 230: Halloween

That's right, my random topic generator finally got me around to the original movie that sort of inspired this whole blog.

For those who don't know, Halloween is about Michael Myers, a disturbed young man who escapes from a mental institution on the day before Halloween and makes his way back to his hometown. Pursued by his doctor (played by Donald Pleasence) he begins stalking a single high school girl named Laurie Strode. On the night of Halloween itself, he goes on a murder spree with his sights set on Laurie being his final victim of the night.

Of course, this is an all-time classic horror movie. Even though it kicked off a genre of masked maniacs stabbing people after sex (or the Slasher genre if you prefer brevity), it remains good because of all the other thought put into it. There are shots in this movie that are genuinely frightening. My favorites include the inmates at an asylum wandering in dark through a rain storm like zombies, Myers appearing and disappearing at will as Laurie goes about her day and one of the final shots of his white mask appearing from the deep shadows of a hallway as he attacks. The look of the movie is chilling and that, combined with dozens of smaller choices by the actors and John Carpenter, add up to a superior horror film.

If you don't like this one, you and I probably have tastes too dissimilar for me to be of further help to you.

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