Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 226: An American Terror

I watched this on Netflix from a recommendation of Ain't It Cool News and their top 31 horror movies since last October.

I remember seeing the "cover" to this and thinking it would be just another Hostel ripoff. I was wrong, oh so wrong. This is one of those indie horrors that doesn't even have a wikipedia page. The basic premise is that three bullied kids decide they are going to go full Columbine and attack their school. The only problem is, they want more weapons. So, they break into the trailer of a redneck in hopes of finding his guns...only they find something much worse.

I was surprised at how this movie made the school attackers look small and petty when compared to the darker terror lurking in the shadows of America. It is bold to make your protagonists violent misanthropes but placing them against a real horror show, which is also a fake horror show if you know what I mean, muddies the waters of the movie's message. It reframes the trauma these kids suffer from the emotional abuse at school to life or death at the hands of a psychopath but kids actually experience bullying every day and rarely, if ever, run into psychos. Still, if it got me thinking this much there must be something to it.

As a horror movie, this is about average. The political, social ambitions knock it up to pretty good.

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