Sunday, May 14, 2017

Day 195: Dead Snow 2

Once again, putting the sequel up before I review the original. This random topic generator is stubbornly against going in order.

Dead Snow was a moderate little Norwegian hit very much in the Evil Dead vein. The fact that it did so well in the U.S. led to a contingent of American characters being introduced in the sequel, led by Martin Starr. But I get ahead of myself. The film picks up exactly where the first one left off, Martin (our lone survivor) has returned the gold to the zombie Nazis and is making his escape when he realizes he still has one piece of gold on him. The zombies attack and he narrowly escapes when the leader (Herzog) loses his arm to a passing truck. At a nearby hospital, Martin is given Herzog's arm and is charged with murdering his friends. Herzog's arm causes some very darkly funny moments as it seeks only to kill while Martin is trying to protest his innocence. Eventually, Martin gets the American Zombie Squad (Starr and two ladies who I did not recognize) to come help him as the zombie Nazis invade Norway again. The big promise of the movie is that you will see zombie Russians fighting zombie Nazis and it pays off.

Tommy Wirkola, the director, has a decent sense of what people want to see from his movies. There is comedy all over the place but mostly in the form of gory, inappropriate deaths. There is more than one moment in this where I sat up and said, "Wait, what the hell?" You'll see things you didn't epect to see, for sure. While it takes a super long time to get to the final Russo/German battle, it is mostly worth the wait. The Russian zombies don't have quite as much personality as the Nazis but it is still fun to watch them slug it out.

This is a fun little movie for horror fans. If you like inappropriate humor with your zombie action, this is definitely for you. While not quite as fun as Evil Dead 2, it comes close on many occasions.

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