Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 190: The ABCs of Death

Yes, I covered the sequel not too long ago...that's what you get with a random topic generator.

The ABCs of Death is a fairly decent idea for a horror anthology, assign out 26 topics to various directors and see what you get. Unlike the follow-up, which seemed a little more...cohesive...this one was pretty all over the place in terms of quality. With directors like Angela Bettis, Nacho Vigalando, Ti West, Adam Wingard, and Ben Wheatley you expect a certain level of quality. Unfortunately, the segments that stick out in this edition are weird one-offs like Japanese Schoolgirls with deadly farts (F), a stop motion movie about a killer turd (K), an experimental short that just seems like sex noises (O), etc.

A few, like B for Bigfoot and Q for Quack stick with you for the right reasons (they achieve their goal) but mostly, it is all forgettable. The two most disturbing shorts are L for Libido and Y is for Youngbuck, both of which dabble in profane and taboo subjects. Unless you are a big fan of these directors, I would keep on moving. There is nothing much worth seeing here and especially not at the time investment it takes to watch 26 shorts.

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