Saturday, May 6, 2017

Day 187: Late Phases

Werewolf movies, one of my favorite subgenres besides haunted (blank) movies. I just dig the werewolf modus operandi.

Nick Damici plays Ambrose, a blind man sent to live in a retirement community by his son (Ethan Embry). On his first night, the woman who shares his duplex is murdered and he is attacked by a werewolf that kills his beloved dog. Ambrose vows vengeance and pretty much immediately figures it was a werewolf. He remembers the werewolf had breathing issues so he assumes the human form must as well. From that thought process we get a race against time as Ambrose tries to not only figure out who in his retirement community is a werewolf but also how he can defeat them given his blindness. A colorful cast of characters is involved and the ending gets pretty clever.

This is just a solid werewolf movie. The investigation and preparation segment is entertaining enough to not feel draggy and the coming of the next full moon is the perfect ticking clock for this genre. That all the characters are either late middle-aged or elderly makes for some fun commentary on the graying of America. Mostly, it is just fun to watch an old blind war vet kick some werewolf ass and deliver pithy one-liners.

All in all, this is a less silly Bubba Ho-tep. You already know if it sounds appealing to you. If it does, you should definitely check it out.

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