Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 181: Honeymoon

This was one of those straight-to-video indies that got some medium amount of buzz and landed on Netflix. I'll go ahead and tell you, it wasn't my favorite thing I've seen.

The plot follows Bea and Paul as they go to Bea's family lake house for their honeymoon. At a local restaurant, they run into one of Bea's exes who is openly hostile towards Paul. Before long, Bea goes missing and turns up naked and traumatized in the woods. The rest of the movie is Paul trying to figure out what happened to his wife and what the strange lights in the woods are at night.

And it is the strange lights that make me not like the movie as much as I should. For the nice setup with the ex-boyfriend, it gets no mileage. The movie almost immediately lets you know there is something supernatural going on and doesn't toy with our expectations in the slightest (which I enjoy). There is a pretty straight line from A to B to C (one of those letters being a home surgery scene which is kind of horrific). Everything just kind of plays out the way you probably imagine it will and nothing is very surprising.

The acting was mostly fine and the directing is competent. There hasn't been another movie from this group and that doesn't sadden me. C-


  1. Oh wow, I totally forgot this movie existed. I had a really hard time making it through this one haha. I think Rose Leslie was the main point that I just couldn't deal with. She was pretty awful to me... however, she is in Game of Thrones and while she isn't anything incredible, she does a decent job and I like her in that. I really think losing the accent was a major downside as she had to struggle to speak without it and still act at the same time, which... she just didn't pull off IMO.

  2. I had no idea she was in other things. No wonder this won't just die, I guess she has some built in popularity.