Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 168: The Fly

Talking about the Cronenberg remake here. The original is freaky enough, especially by the end, but the remake hits whole new levels of horror.

The Fly was the first body horror movie I ever watched and it is still a real grossout flick for me. I can't deal with fingernails falling off or being ripped out. I swear there is a shot where the dude's cock is in a jar in his cupboard. Nope. That plus, the vomiting...God, the vomiting. But I get ahead of myself.

Jeff Goldblum starred in this movie as an inventor named Seth Brundle. He perfects teleportation, whereby ones atoms are scattered in one place and reassembled in another. In the original movie, as in the remake, a fly enters the teleport chamber just as Brundle activates it. In the original, it causes Seth to have a fly head and hand. Cronenberg is much more devious. He had the fly DNA mix with Brundle's so that he eventually turns into a hybrid of man and fly. These two DNAs were not meant to mix as Seth's body parts slough off and he must vomit on food before he eats it to digest it. Just yuck. The transformation is horror enough without the eventual insane plot he comes up with involving his too hot wife (Geena Davis).

Not for the faint of stomach but it certainly leaves an impression. I haven't seen this in about 20 years but I remember it vividly. Your mileage may vary.

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