Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day 166: Trollhunter

Somehow skipped yesterday's post but here it is...

Trollhunter is an import from Norway that makes pretty spectacular use of the found footage genre. Some students are attempting to shoot a film about an infamous bear poacher but when they hang around Hans too long, they find out he is a troll hunter for the government. As the students join him to film his hunts, things don't really go that well.

I was thoroughly entertained by this inventive little movie. The effects are pretty great as there are several types of trolls seen throughout the movie and none of them look especially fake. The main draw for me is the mythology of the troll as a viable monster. They eat the bones of their victims, can smell Christian blood and turn to stone in the sunlight. These facts alone give the creative team plenty of set pieces to dream up.

The best bit is when the crew finds a cave hideout for a pack of trolls and fails to leave before the trolls return from a hunt. Trapped in the cave, one of the crew admits he might be a Christian and things get pretty rough from there.

This isn't a deep movie or even an allegory that I can tell (unless it is specific to Norway). This is just a lot of fun for a found footage horror film. I would give it up to a B.

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