Sunday, March 26, 2017

Day 146: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Another classic comes up in the rotation. And another movie series that became a parody of itself almost immediately.

When Nancy and her friends start dreaming about a man in a striped sweater and a fedora, they realize they are all having the same dreams and can't get any answers out of the adults in town. When they start dying in their dreams (and subsequently, in the real world) the silence of the adults becomes more dangerous. Nancy has to figure out how to stop Freddy Kreuger, a man who attacks you at your most vulnerable.

Maybe it was the time period in which it was filmed but every frame of this movie feels like a caffeine headache one suffers from after being awake for too long. The gritty feel of all the sets and locations really sold the evil in this one. Most people don't remember but Freddy wasn't a pun-chugging joke machine his first time up at bat. Maybe he got cocky as the movies went on. He was all about cutting to the chase and killing people with that iconic razor glove. That his backstory was so damn dark also helped sell things.

This is one of those movies that has cache for me because it came out when I was a kid. It was forbidden for awhile and then, when I was able to watch it, it poked at some archetypes that scared me. Looking back, some scenes are ridiculous (such as Johnny Depp somehow being filled with 80 gallons of blood) but Wes Craven did a strong job making the whole movie feel dark and twisted. I see why this spawned so many sequels.

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