Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 138: Let the Right One In

Or as I call it, Let the Left One Out (hehehe). It is sometimes harder to write about these good horror movies than it is to tear into an inept one. How many ways can I heap superlatives on these little gems before it gets stale? Let's find out.

Let the Right One In is all about a bullied boy in Scandinavia who befriends a mysterious...girl and her adult watcher, who pretends to be her dad. We quickly learn the girl is a vampire and the man pretending to be her father abducts locals to provide her with blood. When he screws up a couple of missions, she quickly turns desperate and bestial even as she forms this tender bond with the bullied young man. Bad things happen.

Essentially, this is a very jacked up coming of age story. The unfortunate little boy has chosen a vampire as his first crush and things can only get complicated from there. There is some gruesome violence as well as some unintentionally funny cgi work with cats going nuts on vampires. This modest little movie works best in the quiet moments, between the killings. The ending is at turns glorious and heartbreaking. I love this little movie but it isn't for everyone. For people sensitive to seeing children in extreme violence or early (mostly confused) sexuality, this movie isn't for you. 

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