Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 136: May

Lucky McKee and Angela Bettis can both thank this movie as being their breakthrough in the world of horror. I have only seen it once but I remember it disturbing me greatly.

May (Bettis) is a woman with a lazy eye who has always had problems making friends. She has a doll named Suzie that her mother made for her to keep her company. When she gets the lazy eye corrected, she soon draws the attention of both Jeremy Sisto and Anna Faris in a sort of feast or famine paradigm. When things slowly but surely go wrong with both of her admirers, May is left to her own devices to figure out how to make new friends. Things go very, very badly for several people and the ending is truly horrific.

This low budget, indie horror is quite good at setting the world May lives in and making us see the world the way she does. There are only so many years of social neglect a person can endure without going a little crazy and May has passed that date by a good half decade. Her awkwardness creates some cringe comedy and later some just plain cringes. Bettis does a great job of making her lone weirdo feel real. Faris, in a rare non-comedic role, is very good as the lesbian pursuer of May's straight but lonely protagonist. Jeremy Sisto plays a decent guy who probably would have gone for May if she hadn't gone all weird after seeing his movie.

For fans of psychological horror that turns into real horror, you should check out May. It isn't flashy or thrill-a-minute, but it will get under your skin.

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