Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 128: Teeth

For International Women's Day I figured, what better movie to do than Teeth?

In this film, a young girl committed to abstinence finds that, in moments of unwanted sexual contact with her vagina, she can grow teeth to sever whatever is stuck inside of her. As you can imagine, much horror ensues.

When I first watched this, I thought it was a little broad to have every single guy the main girl meets be a predator of some kind. From the hot guy in her youth group to the local gynecologist to her own stepbrother, every guy just wants to have sex with this girl. Since seeing this, I have come to realize that, for some women, this is indeed the threat of daily life. Feeling unsafe is the status quo and being some horny idiot's prey is the default setting. This movie aims for empowerment via horror and I think it works quite well. As a guy, I can think of nothing more horrific than thinking you are about to engage in intercourse and then having teeth bite through your member. Of course, I can't imagine forcing someone into sex, so I guess I am safe from any vagina dentata out there.

Even if the scenario seems far fetched, the conversation it starts is helpful. Respect for women seems to wax and wane depending on the cultural climate and I hope there are more movies like this that demonstrate the horror of being a woman in a rape culture (but that do so in a clever and entertaining way like this one, no need to get preachy).

If you like your horror with a side of social conscience, check this out. If you are squeamish about dong damage, maybe give it a pass.

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