Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 126: Severed

Every now and then I want to take a break from horror movies and write about another aspect of horror. In this case, Horror comics I love. Severed was a 2012 seven issue series written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Scott Tuft that was published by Image comics.

The series follows the adventures of a 12-year old named Jack Garron as he searches for his father through the backroads of 1916 America. He runs into a traveling buddy named Sam as well as a man named Fisher, who seems a little too eager to help the boy on his way. I can't write too much without giving away plot twists and details but, suffice it to say, Fisher is more than he seems and things get pretty brutal for the traveling buddies before it is all over.

Tuft does a great job with the grimy realism of the hobo lifestyle. His fluid lines draw the eye to exactly the point where it sometimes doesn't want to go. Snyder, the masterful writer of American Vampire, knows a thing or two about horror and sets up some brilliant setpieces. Just because the main characters are children, it doesn't mean horrible things can't happen to them.

If you can handle comic book horror, I would highly recommend Severed in trade paperback.

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